The Green Funeral has sites catering for whole body pet burials, marked by a memorial tree planted on top.

The green funeral staff handle the entire process, picking up the pet from your vet or home, transportation to the site, burial and placement of the memorial tree.

We have sites for Cremated Remains. The Green Funeral has sites where the cremated remains of your pet can be placed into the selected memorial tree’s root system, by you at a time chosen by you.

Our sites will never look like cemeteries, because they are designed to be enjoyed by the public as natural places.
So there are no plaques, cement headstones, or markings that identify the tree as a memorial.

When you choose the Green Funeral option you will be supplied with documentation detailing the exact burial location, how to find it and the memorial tree details.

The Pet Memory
Pet memorials are stored in the Green Funeral database as a photo and the pet’s details as written by you the carer.
We also store the GPS position and details of each memorial tree.
A search of our database using the carers name will list all of their pets, allowing each to be selected to view their details.
Alternately mobile telephones can access all of the stored detail from the site using our phone App.

Adding your pet details to our database is a free service available to anyone.  Use the Contact Us function to request permission.

How To Start

  • You can use the Contact Us function on the website to request further details.
  • You can telephone us on MB: 0400 556 150
  • You can instruct your Veterinarian, to contact us to make arrangements.