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Di Forsyth today places herself and her mum Gladys into a piece of Australian history, as the first ever green memorial tree funeral is performed in Cairns.
“Oh Mum would have love the idea she would have been very proud she didn’t get to see me become a councillor , and it’s amazing thing for her to be in my division as well .”
The ashes of Gladys will be placed into this pipe and find their way below the root system of the tree, eventually becoming part of the living environment.   Previously cremated ashes have been cast into the wind or hidden away, leaving little trace of remembrance.   Now there’s a living monument.
“it’s somewhere we could come and we would know that her ashes are here and that we have this wonderful weeping brown tree in her memory.”
The green funeral company has started a data base web site for personal information on the deceased to be kept for life.The tree can be located by GPS, when visiting the land where the tree is growing.
“ you can use a normal positioning device like a modern telephone and you can walk around a site like this and it will tell you who is located near you.”
Councils right across Australia are now looking to use the Cairns model as a blueprint to the future.“ We’ve had enquiry from Devonport in Tasmania and I am going down to Adelaide in January to discuss the concept with one of the councils down there.”  Bluey Forsyth win news